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Discover the kit

Familiarize yourself with all the support tools in your kit.
The kit

Just received your AppMaker? Let’s go through it together!

The AppMaker kit comes in a practical size (a little bigger than A4) so you can carry it around and store it easily (on your bookshelf, for example).

The kit is made up of two boxes to help you design your app in two key stages: the design and the prototype.

The design box

In the first Design box, you’ll find a guide that you can follow throughout the workshop, as well as brochures to complete for each of your app projects.

Place the guide open in the middle of the table so everyone around the table can see it. Both sides have the exact same content.

Use a new brochure for each new project to guide you step by step through the project.

The different steps are as follows:

  • Introduction (10 mins):
    Fill out the first page of the workbook, quickly summarizing the overall idea behind the project without going into detail.
  • Definition (40 mins):
    Answer the key questions to define your app.
  • Persona (10 mins):
    Create a persona around your end user.
  • User journey (40 mins):
    Think of the different steps your user has to go through.
  • Tree structure (10 mins):
    Organize the screens of your app.
  • Prototype (40 mins):
    Design your screens using magnets (using the Challenge cards as a boost) and build an interactive prototype using the Pop app.
  • Summary (20 mins):
    Create the download form for your app.
  • Planning (10 mins):
    Mark down the different versions of your app in a calendar.
The prototype box

Halfway through your session, your guide will let you know when it’s time to open the second box.

This is where the fun really begins! In this box you’ll find over 100 magnets along with tips to build your screens. The box contains four tablet slates to simulate your screens, marker pens and a cloth to build as many apps as you want. We suggest playing a Challenge card game, challenging you to optimize your screens.

Be sure to follow the guide for the best mockup tips and tricks!

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