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Prepare a work session

Like any collaborative meetup, AppMaker sessions are all about preparation when it comes to both style and substance
When to use AppMaker

For which projects?
AppMaker can be used for every kind of project, including digital projects (building screens). The tips are optimized for mobile app design but the kit can be adapted to all kinds of projects, from websites and chatbots to digital terminals.

At what stage of the process?
Ask yourself which stage of the project you should use AppMaker, and to tackle which objective. You can use your AppMaker kit at the start of your project (the kick off phase), but you can also use it to delve deeper into a project that’s already been launched and challenge it.

“Our project’s still a long way from the mock-up phase; it’s not the right time.” Yes, it is! AppMaker is much more than a prototyping tool. It allows you to define and frame your project ahead of time, too. Even if the project isn’t underway yet, it always helps to put a visual to your ideas to help your project move forward faster!

Set the framework for your session

For a successful work session, it’s important to define two things ahead of time: the objectives of the session and the problem that you’re looking to solve together. You can build the framework for your session alone, but it’s always better to work with two or three other people who have shared expectations around it.

Start by each identifying your personal goals for the session. Ask yourselves questions like … what is your main goal? What do you hope to achieve after your session? Are you holding the session to explore a specific topic or do you have a more global idea in mind? What happens next? Share your individual ideas and visions to build a work session together that meets the goals of everyone involved.

Next, work together to define your brief, i.e. the issue that your workshop is tackling. You can write this issue as a question (for example, what is the app for), or write it as a verb that reflects your expectations (design, imagine, prototype, etc.). Share this key sentence at the beginning of your session, to serve as a reference point for all participants … including you!

Bring the right people together

Bringing together everyone who’s invested in the project is what will ensure its sustainability beyond your AppMaker session.

Think of all the potential players; the people you’ll need to co-build a shared vision with to ensure the project moves forward. These can be your end users, project managers, service providers … and even the developers or designers who’ll end up bringing it to life!

Prepare your session with the two or three people that are most invested in the project, and bring them together for the work session. It’s also important to identify ahead of time who you’ll be presenting the results of your work to, to showcase your project and gather feedback.

Find your room and you’re ready to go!

Is your workshop starting tomorrow? Have you thought about where it will take place? Make sure you choose a space you feel comfortable in.

If possible, avoid the typical meeting room setting. Changing your environment is key to innovation. Be sure to arrive before the other participants to set up the room. Arrange the tables to form an island, so all participants can sit around it and so everyone has easy access to the tools in the kit.

Think about things to keep your participants happy, energized and in the right frame of mind, like coffee and snacks.

If possible, bring a magnetic board to the session to display your screens … as well as real tablets to create and test your interactive mock-up You may want to bring along a computer as well for your final presentation.

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