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Understanding the kit

Why was this kit made for you? We’re glad you asked!
Design together as a team

Marketing and innovation teams usually leave the app design up to specialists like UX designers or developers. These pros tend to design the screens alone in front of their computers and then propose their solutions. Other people may get a say in the project but it’s rarely designed together as a team.

We can’t all be design experts… but we can all learn the best tips and methods to adopt a design approach that’s centred around the user experience.

Working together around a common method and language allows experts to better understand the process, while also allowing amateurs to bring their own skills to the table and adopt a designer approach.

The AppMaker tool wasn’t designed to replace UX designers … far from it. But the kit does ensure that the project is well thought out, from the initial brainstorm stage through to final screen design, even if a designer isn’t working on the project.

Work with a physical tool

Even though it’s designed to build apps, AppMaker is a physical tool versus a website or software. There are a lot of digital screen mockup tools out there, but the majority of them are aimed at experts.

Working in front of a computer is something that’s typically done alone, and doesn’t leave much room for discussion between the project team and stakeholders. The people who are most comfortable with design tools tend to take the lead when it comes to discussions. But creating mockups with physical, tangible tools breaks down those barriers associated with computer-based design.

Working on a screen also makes us want to instinctively jump into the details and the aesthetics, which can mean more fundamental discussions are left behind. Physical prototyping, with elements that are easy to handle (like magnets) allows for a more global perspective and faster testing of first ideas. It allows everyone involved to exchange and debate freely.

Put theory into practice

UX design is a profession in itself; not everyone can be an expert. That’s why AppMaker includes a comprehensive guide, with practical steps to learn the best methods and with illustrated examples and practices to follow.

By the end of an AppMaker workshop, you’ll not only have made huge strides in your project, but you’ll have also learned the process of building an app—with mock-ups to prove it!

Design with movable magnets

To design your app screens, we’ve included a game with over 100 magnets in the kit. Since you’re not necessarily familiar with mobile app lingo right now, the goal is to give you a set of tools to compose your screens. With a combination of freestyle design and magnets, you’ll be able to prototype much faster and produce more visual (and engaging) results.

Magnets offer greater flexibility in building your screens since the elements can be moved around easily and however you want. This makes it easy to test out different layouts and find the one(s) that best fit the needs of your end user and potential uses for the app.

Have fun while you work

AppMaker is packed with fun elements to mix up your usual way of working. With engaging exercises, you’ll be surprised to find you can have fun while you work—from drawing screens with magnets (don’t be tempted to play Tetris!) to playing the Challenge card games to boost your mockups.

An AppMaker workshop immerses you in a totally different work mode. Much more than scribbling notes on a Post-It or “we should have a meeting about that,” it allows you to dive right in and tackle your subject efficiently—and have fun while you’re doing it!

It gives you greater independence

Don’t be scared to organize an AppMaker workshop because you’re not an expert in mobile apps or you’re not familiar with all the methods.

We’ve condensed all the expertise you need into one easy to use guide. That way everyone can stay focused on the project at hand rather than getting lost in different app design techniques. This kit is one thread among many exercises to make your workshop run smoothly.

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