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Makestorming: A guide to corporate hacking

Rediscover the fun of working and reinvent your corporate culture

Named Best Digital Book at the 2016 #hubawards
Winner of the HEC student award in 2017
The Manpower Foundation Award in 2017

Written by nod-A co-founders Stephanie Bacquere and Marie-Noeline Viguie, this award-winning book is a must-read for everyone looking to transform their working methods and steer their company to success.

Learn to apply the techniques of Makestorming, a groundbreaking method that is reinventing the corporate culture to help organizations around the globe adopt a more creative, collaborative and results-driven way of working.

With a host of practical tools and inspiration from other organizations that have successfully applied the Makestorming method, the book will show you how to take action on specific projects and deliver concrete results in no time.

The book also features worksheets we developed to help you organize collaborative work sessions, learn new brainstorming techniques, learn how to pitch an idea, assemble the right team for every project and more.

Get inspired and start transforming the way you work today!

Would you like to read the whole book in English?

Let us know! If enough people are interested, we’ll translate the rest of the book into English.

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Freebie Makestorming templates

Get a sneak peek of practical tools that you can download for free, including worksheets, hack patterns and infographics (available in pdf format or in a collaborative digital version via Google Slides).

Take over meetings for success

Learn to make every meeting more productive and efficient.

Enlist your project team

Recruit the best team players for every project

Choose the right projects

Pick the best projects to focus on in a few easy steps.