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Experience fun, efficient and results-driven meetups

Powerful tools to get your team in project mode

Discover a new way to brainstorm

Whether you’re used to collaborating or not, you can use this tool to guide fun and efficient brainstorming sessions.

Design your own design thinking workshop

60 design thinking tips & recommendations to help you design your own workshop!

Shoot a video to pitch your idea in only one take

Create a powerful video to engage your audience—no shooting or editing skills required. Challenge every selling point of your project to write the best possible script.

Design an app with your team in no time

Design the navigation, the sequence of screens, adding buttons, menus and images to create an app that’s focused on the end-user experience.

Sketch an idea that will engage your target audience

Learn how to ask the right questions and sketch your team’s ideas to bring them to life.

Need a little boost?
Our experts are here to help!

In only half a day, one of our experts will show you how to find the best ideas, quickly and easily prototype them using our custom-designed tools and deliver a concrete project.

Are you a training consultant?
Get your Makestorming certification.

Learn how to master the best collaborative work techniques and prototyping tools. We offer a certification for each of our tools so you can design custom workshops to suit your clients’ needs.

Enjoy our free tools

Experience efficient and productive team meetups and discover a new way of working with Makestorming’s free resources. We offer simple, easy to use printables to break the ice, get discussions started, pitch ideas and more.

What is Makestorming?

Makestorming tools are based on a gaming approach that gives your team a new and more fun way to work. We’ve designed a complete step-by-step workflow with proven success that fits in a box, helping you organize collaborative working sessions to unleash winning ideas in record time—without the help of a professional trainer. You can use the tools as many times as you want on multiple projects to generate ideas, prototype them and take them a step further.

Successfully used by more than 40,000 people

Deliver a concrete project that would typically take months in just a couple of days.

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