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What is a Sprint

Achieve results on a specific project

Pick a real project to work on with a team. In one to five days, you’ll work together to think of ideas, prototype them and find concrete solutions with the help of one of our Makestorming experts. The Sprint workshop lets you deliver a concrete project that would typically take months in just a couple of days. You’ll then be ready to move on to your next project with a proven method adapted to your working techniques.

Prototype your work

Our innovative tools use a gaming approach to help you focus on your target audience’s point of view. This new working method makes every project fun and productive as you learn to think like a designer, prototype your ideas and collaborate as a team to deliver results.

Work together to drive change

Learn how to work smarter, instead of harder. Get instant, concrete results at the end of a Sprint that will boost your team’s motivation. Transform your organization one project at a time, applying your collaborative learnings as you go.

A Sprint for your business domain

You know your business better than anyone. And we’re here with a proven method to help you collaborate more efficiently. We’ll show you how to mobilize your teams, clients and partners to work together to bring every project to life. We will customize your Sprint workshop to suit you, helping you:

Design a digital project

Rethink and optimize your working methods

Create a forward-thinking vision

Find new products or services ideas

Develop an engaging offer

Boost the consumer experience

Develop a successful business model

Redesign your working space

We’ve already deployed more than 350 Sprint sessions to solve a range of challenges around the world.

Customize your Sprint session to fit your project

Discover the step-by-step workflow

1 Choose your project

Choose an issue that you want to solve or a project you want to accomplish with your team.

Client: Lab pôle emploi, Innovation Lab

2 Meet with an expert

Start by meeting with one of our experts to prepare your customized workshop.

Client: Lab pôle emploi, Innovation Lab

3 Experience a customized Sprint workshop

We’ll design a customized, collaborative Sprint session with tools to fit your needs.

Client: Lab pôle emploi, Innovation Lab

4 Deploy the right team

We’ll help you find the right team members to ensure a productive and successful work session.

Client: Lab pôle emploi, Innovation Lab

5 Kick off the session

Get the conversation started and mobilize your team to work together in the right direction.

Client: Makestorming Meetup with Appmaker

6 Explore the topic

Your team will explore the topic, focusing on the end user to find the most relevant solutions.

Client: Makestorming Meetup with Appmaker

7 Get inspired

Your team will work with different tools inspired by internal and external best practices.

Client: Makestorming Meetup with Ideamaker

8 Find your ideas

Identify different solution directions and generate ideas as a team.

Client: Makestorming Meetup with Ideamaker

9 Get actionable feedback

Share and challenge ideas and receive feedback to help you pick the best ones.

Picture: Pitchmotion

10 Prototype your ideas

Use the different tools to prototype your ideas and bring them to life.

Client: Makestorming Meetup with Appmaker

11 Experiment

Test out your prototype and add any finishing touches.

Client: Lab pôle emploi, Innovation Lab

12 Present your project

It’s time to pitch your project like a pro!

Client: Meetup

13 Receive personalized advice

Your Makestorming specialist will give you tips to take you to the next level.

Client: FDJ, Lottery

14 Execute your project

Watch your project come to life.

Client: Lab pôle emploi, Innovation Lab

15 Leverage your learnings

Use what you’ve learned to boost future projects.

Client: FDJ, Lottery

16 Become a Makestorming pro

Put your expertise into practice, sharing your experience with others and spreading the Makestorming approach.

Client: Makestorming Meetup with Appmaker

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