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What is the Little Boost workshop?

Experience a new and fun way to work

Start by choosing a specific project or issue you want to work on with your team. In only half a day, one of our experts will show you how to find the best ideas, quickly and easily prototype them using our custom-designed tools and deliver a concrete project.


Each Little Boost workshop includes


Turnkey, easy to use workshop solution

A one-hour, one-on-one meeting with an expert to prepare your workshop

A half-day collaborative workshop led by an expert

One or two makestorming tools to try for free

Shareable digital material of the work you’ve accomplished

App design workshop

Got a mobile app idea but don’t know how to design it? Our experts will help you create a user-focused app prototype with AppMaker. With your team, you’ll design the navigation and build the sequence of screens using magnetic boards to deliver a concrete project.

Brainstorming workshop

Make brainstorming fun and productive with the help of our brainstorming specialists. Using IdeaMaker tools, you’ll learn the best collaborative techniques to unlock and boost your ideas, leading to a concrete project.

Become a Makestorming workshop leader

Get your official Makestorming certification and join our community, leading workshops to help your clients and teams bring their projects to life.

Discover the certifications