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Enlist your project team

Recruit the best team players for every project

Take over meetings for success

Learn to make every meeting more productive and efficient.

Choose the right projects

Pick the best projects to focus on in a few easy steps.

Bingo buzz

Face off to find the most buzz words around your brainstorming topic!

Space kit

Learn to design a collaborative and functional workspace

How to pitch

Learn how to pitch an idea and engage your audience in under 2 minutes!

Angels & demons

Challenge your project from every side!

7 families

To help guide your session and bring it to life

Criteria worksheet

Learn to define what a good idea looks like

In their shoes

Think about the end user from day one

Crazy jobs

See if your team has what it takes to take on any role!

Fixer challenge

To challenge your team’s ideas and guide them towards a solution


Help your participants break the ice!

5 reasons why

Make sure you tackle the right problem